Hi Again (I know your name is not Again, and if it is, what a coincidence).


As you have seen on my homepage, I’m Lien, short for Roelien.

I am a 20-something  human being, trying to figure out life as I enjoy one adventure after the other.

Cape Town is home, and I love it here; the mountain, hills, ocean, old buildings, and bookstores! What an amazing place to live. I basically get paid to eat for a living (yes, yes I do, I even get paid to taste cheese sauce!), but I: I live, to eat!

I have a 2-year-old Strawberry Blond Ginger cat, Sebastian, who recently joined me in Cape Town, and it is amazing to have him here.

It is 00:46 as I am typing this, realizing that I should probably consider going to bed (but as I am already in bed, rather to consider closing my laptop, and falling asleep.

Well that’s “About”, that (my attempt at being #punny #heading #thatsSoLame).

Let’s get this blog rolling!