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Mooi, Mooier, Mooiste!

*Yes, an Afrikaans title with English text… because pretty, prettier prettiest was not going to make the cut (not kat)

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” — Lauren Hutton

Five (amazing) designers from the North West University managed to do what quite a few attempts to do, but not often succeed in doing. They managed to combine fashion AND Classic style…

 Fashion + style = exquisite dresses

A quick background:

The North West University’s Consumer Science department has an Annual Fashion Show, where up and coming designers can show what they (and their designs) are made of.

With meters of fabric, yarns, yawns and little sleep, the gorgeous masterpieces are created (late night and early mornings are not off limits, in fact, I tend to think that is when the best work is done!).

The 2017 show might have been one of the best ones yet, directed under the leadership of the brilliant Mignon Mostert, designers could submit their designs in one of 4 categories:

  • Category 1: REvamp

Taking a current outfit and revamping it into a new masterpiece

  • Category 2: REfibre

Designers received textiles and had to create a design from the textiles given to them.

  • Category 3: REfined

Fusing fashion and style to create gorgeous evening wear!

  • Category 4: Crowned

Crowns which was incredible works of art to work into the theme

Bianca, Henriëtte, Helene, Magdelie, and Simone made these challenges seem easy and created stunning evening gowns (I honestly want them all!). I loved what these 5 Designers did and just had to share!

Without any further ado,  here are the dresses!

 The Bianca

Follow her on Instagram at @binxi636

I think this dress was made for me (so narcissistic tsk tsk tsk), but this dress fit me like a glove, also, I felt like maybe I should be a Bond girl, but a boss, a Boss Bond Girl?). Bianca is truly passionate about what she does and it is clear in the dress she made. To read more about Bianca in her own words, click here: “Here”

  • Theme: Refined
  • Fabric used: Pinks Scuba & Chiffon
  • Time spent:
    • 14 Days of making
    • 168 hours of folding roses
    • 48 hours of finishing
We tried something here – it didn’t work

The Henriëtte

Follow her on Instagram at @Dandelion_delineation or @henriette_j.v.vuuren 

The beautiful dress in floral and mint was the dress that convinced me to do a full post on my favourite dresses. It reminds me of those perfume adds (when I was younger) where a whimsical lady would walk through a mystical forest in a gorgeous gown with the sound of light rain falling. I was so nervous when we took the photos of this dress, as I really wanted to reflect the detail of the dress (Well done Rezainne!).

Mint Tulle & Flowers – a perfect combination

The challenge in working with such a big dress is the detail; in no way can you make this dress without perfect artisanship.  Henriëtte’s skill truly made the design come to life in the actual dress. (hats off miss H, I don’t think I would ever attempt making this dress).

  • Theme:                      REfined
  • Fabric used:             Polycrepe(flower textile) & Tulle (Mint)
  • Time spent:              6 Days
The Dress!!

For more on Henriette, read her bio in the “The Henriette”

Play with your clothes, that’s an order!


The Helene

Follow her on Instagram at @helenevwyk

A beautiful skirt and top, with a unique vintage twist.  The first time I saw this dress was when I opened the garment bag, I just saw the textile and immediately wanted to see the entire dress, it is like seeing a book cover and being drawn to the book, except this is better, you can actually wear it!

“Vintage Darling”

The textile is a vintage dream and a perfect textile for the design. Using stretch cotton and mesh was the perfect combination of elegance and vintage style with the small details on the dress… the Peter Pan collar, oversized pearls, beautiful buttons and leaves on the hem was the perfect finish on the dress.

  •  Theme:                     REfined
  • Fabric used:             Stretch Cotton & Mesh
  • Time spent:              6 Days
I just want to travel back in time every time when I see this dress!

The Magdelie

The textile used making this dress is something of which love stories are made… Ok, it might sound a bit cheesy, but the floral print on this skirt made me want to fly to Durban where Magdelie bought the material to get my hands on some.  If I could summarise the 1900 – 2000 in one dress it would be this.

This Dress!

The best of textiles (FLORALS)

The best of fashion (Halterneck)

And absolute elegance!

  • Theme:                     REfined
  • Fabric used:             Cotton & PolyCotton
  • Time spent:              3 Days

The Simone

Follow her on Instagram at @simonelroux

I’ve worn numerous Simone dresses on various occasions in my very short life up to now. She has an incredible talent and skill, the type of skill that most designers dream to have. Simone is like a sewing machine whisperer, she can work with ANY textile (yes, you can probably give her a black bag and she would be able to create a masterpiece from it).

Ballerina Much?!

This dress was made under the “Revamp” section. She took an oversized Mr. Price dress and converted it into a bodysuit and made tulle skirt to fit the body suit.

  • Theme:                       REvamp
  • The fabric used:       Tulle, Scuba, Velvet & Mesh
  • Time spent:               3 hours (Say what?!)

Super Excited to see what is coming next!!

If you want to contact them, pop me a mail and I will send their contact details!

Love, Lien xx

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