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Anne – Always Anne

It is this Beautiful Woman’s birthday today (19 June 2017)…


Laughing like crazy, while I was in pain and she was full of giggles.


Anne and I met when we were in our first year at university. I immediately thought: “this girl is super cool and I have to be friends with her”, in more adult terms today, it will sound like:

  • “She is marvelous, I shall befriend her” – Ok, that is a bit Shakespearean
  • “She is goals, she will become fam” – That is a bit ghetto

Uhm, last try:

  • “What an inspiration, she is beautiful, funny, crazy and ambitious, I really want to be her friend” – Jip, I think that is the one.


With the beautiful Crisna and Hanli, we did a photo shoot in Cape Town.


Anne is exactly what you see, and not what you see at all.

  • She is beauty and the brains.
  • She has such a big heart, but do not mess with her.
  • She is my absolute best friend, my person, we are shenanigans and well mannered frivolity.


Most Fun Ballet Recital ever!!!

We don’t do birthdays, but she is awesome, and I want to celebrate her life: SO sorry Anne, but here is a blog post about you! 😀


Why she is my best friend:

1. I cannot remember when I realized you were best friends, but it has been so much fun!

2. I get Anne-sick if I don’t see her on a weekly basis

3. I honestly can’t imagine my life without her

4. I trust her with my life

5. I am the unicorn to her mermaid spirit animal

6. Her mom confuses us, which is pretty awesome #TeamToeter

7. No judgement

8. People always assume that she will join me when we do something

9. She accepts me for the bat crap crazy person I am

10. She always has my back

11. She can basically read my mind

12. She can get me out of a bad mood

13. She cares

14. She has no fear telling me if I have a really bad hair day

15. She has seen me at some bad-sad-tired times and still loves me

16. She is always on my side, even though I might have been wrong (and she’ll tell me)

17. She is always willing to help me, and is the ultimate cheerleader.

18. She knows how to listen

Awkwardly comfortable hugs 😀

19. She knows just how to cheer me up

20. She lets me borrow her clothes

21. She makes me want to be a better person

22. She motivates and inspires me.

23. We always order the same thing, but that is just a coincidence

24. We are equally crazy

25. We are incredibly comfortable and uncomfortable around each other

26. We are obsessed with skinny caps and coke light

27. We both agree that we want to go on a road trip together, but that we probably shouldn’t

28. We both don’t really do the birthday thing

29. We can somehow feel when something is going on with the other friend (I have no idea wy).

30. We can talk for hours.

31. Yet we both hate phone calls.

32.We can vent together over lunch, or I can just text her and vent for a quick calm down

33. We do not care what people think when we are together.

Anne looking on fleek after we climbed Lion’s Head.

34. We do the exercise thing together

35. We don’t do hugs (well, sort off)

36. We don’t hold grudges

37. We don’t need to talk every single day

38. We have the best time doing strange things

39. We have the same aspirations.

40. We have way too many inside jokes (girlfriend, hoender…)

41. We know everything there is to know about each other

42. We know what the other person is thinking by just looking at each other

43. We laugh most of the time

44. We love Audrey, Blair and Kate.

45. We really do finish each other’s sentences

46. We share happiness

47. We are both obsessed with Woolworths_SA!

48. We love naps

49. We enjoy running

50. Whenever something bad happens, we know we’ll never have to deal with it alone


No matter what happens, I know she will always be there.

Anne, you are my bestie, you are goals, and you are always on fleek, we are spirit apples (not animals, but that as well), thanks for being such an inspiration!

You are so special, I hold you dear and cannot imagine my life without you.

Love, Lien


At Strolla with the Beautiful Crisna and Hanli!

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