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When you start blogging…


When you start blogging, you are absolutely excited about:

  • Writing posts
  • Setting up the blog
  • Adding photos
  • Deciding on your theme
  • Thinking about exciting and fun “stuff” (yes stuff), to write about
  • Choosing plug-ins and
  • a few other things (which I can’t think about, as it is 22:23 on a Sunday evening)

You are beyond excited about the above, you have everything planned out, and then, then:

“Life Happens”

– a quote by: Life –


  • All your drafts remain drafts,
  • You desperately want to write and publish,
  • You feel guilty for not writing and publishing

And yet you know, that life outside of the inter-webs is actually the one that matters. So while I’m trying to figure out (read: survive) the real life, bare with me. Hoping to post by the end of the week!  (I know it is just blogging –  but it is not just blogging, not a lot to figure out, but good golly miss molly it is not just copy and paste 🙂 )

As a teaser, I am busy writing posts about:

  1. Sebastian
  2. Me and the Human’s travels to Europe in December
  3. My favorite places in Cape Town
  4. My best friend, Anne 

Have a great week,

Love, Lien

Fake (not) News: Roses that Sebastian my Cat bought me for mother’s day.

The facts:

1.He is a Cat, and can’t buy flowers,

2. I bought the flowers myself, and pretended that he bought them for me,

3. I rewarded him with a pouch of Woolworth’s Posh Pets to say thanks);

4. I might be slightly delusional when it comes to my Cat.

   My bed, Cape Town
   Gossip Girl, Season 1, Episode 17

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