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To blog, or not to blog

“To blog or not to blog, that is the question” -someone on the interwebs

(however confusing it may sound, combining classic literature with a millennial “phenomenon”).

In 2014, after completing my post grad studies I attempted blogging. At that stage I was living on a farm outside Parys in the Free State (South Africa), with almost no signal, making a basic phone call difficult, let alone blogging, and I postponed the idea, finding other ways of being creative.

Fast forward to 2016, my best friend, Anne (a blogger), continuously told me to start a blog. I just started a new job, and wanted to focus on my career. I thought to myself, when I start a blog, I want to do it properly, like most things I do in life. The busier work got, with more pressure and responsibilities, the more I realised that I need something to relax (other than running), a creative outlet. It is not only work that matters, but the things that makes life fun and worthwhile(I love my job!!) like friends, family, small adventures and big journeys, old books, new books, books you’ve read over and over again, that piece of lemon meringue or late night discussions with friends and a glass of wine, solving the world’s problems, one by one. That was when I knew, it is time to blog, I want to remember these moments, capture them, and share them, what is a better way to journal than blogging about them? None.

So, on a sunny day (or not, I can’t really remember, also it was at night), I created a domain, and I was really eager to code my own blog. My mom does coding and is a professor in Computer Science, it can’t be that difficult and my human showed me the basics, ready, set, go!

  • Domain: Check
  • Laptop: Check
  • Coffee: Check
  • Ideas: Pending
  • Blog: Pending

I soon (within about 4 minutes) realised blogging and setting up a blog, are two  different things, and the latter, being frustrating (but a necessary part of the journey, otherwise there would’ve been no blogs #statingTheObvious) This caused so much frustration that I just stopped,  there was no point in putting so much time into something that was frustrating me, and not relaxing, there must be an easier way to set up my blog. I wanted to do it differently than I did in 2014, and differently in this case, was: frustrating.

With some help (thanks anonymous person on the other side of the “help” button) the basics was set up, and here I am, ready to blog (as I am already blogging, I am past the point of being ready)!

I am so excited, I have no idea what I’m doing, but I am so excited (like a four year old decorating their first cake).

Love, Lien


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2 thoughts on “To blog, or not to blog

  1. Its been a long time since i’ve read a good book…. lack of time is always my excuse! This seems like a good alternative… so looking forward to it!

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