Welcome to LinaLien!


This is my blog (obviously), where I will share adventures, some well-mannered shenanigans, and frivolity.

I am yet to find out the purpose of my blog, as I embark on this blogging adventure. My blog is more of an online journal than a blog (but what is a blog?! Is there a criterion for what is allowed), and as a bonus, you, dear human, you can read it…

There is a quote, somewhere, in a library (or the interwebs), that says something along the lines of:

“A journal is meant to keep our deepest secrets and desires”… -Someone Famous-

This is bad news for you as I will not be sharing any secrets… however, I might share some desires (but they will be about traveling, and food… secret is out #itWasntASecret)…

I have already shared my love for New York and Paris, my thoughts on Nostalgia and a tribute to my best friend Anne.  The rest of the blog I will still figure out, it will probably be along the lines of:

  • My adventures in Cape Town,
  • My Love of travelling,
  • Everyday frivolity
  • Life (not sure, as I am trying this thing called #adulting)
  • love of food, reading and tea (or coffee, or hot chocolate), and lastly
  • Stories about my cat; Sebastian.

Quick FYI about Sebastian: He is incredibly fat (ginormous, huge and any other adjective you can find to describe something that is enormous), he is also unbelievably cute and tolerant (not a common characteristic in cats), he even has his own Instagram page (SirSebastian), ok it has nothing to do with him being big, just about him being absolutely adorable.

I hope you will enjoy the journey with me as I share my adventure, try blogging, and of course figuring out this thing called: Life.

Love, (which is so cliché, but typing Like, would have been weird… so: love)